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Mapping Our world

Books About Maps and Cartography: Atlases

Here is an alphabetical list of books about Maps, Mapmaking, Mapping, Cartography, and Map Collecting, including Map Atlases, and some books about GIS, compiled by a librarian, that are currently available (in print). Click on the image or title for additional information and availability. The list is frequently updated; so check back often.


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Alabama Atlas and Gazetteer  Alaska Atlas and Gazetteer  Arizona Atlas and Gazetteer  Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas  Atlas A - Z

Atlas of Empires (Historical Atlas)  Atlas of Oregon  Atlas of the Celtic World  The Atlas of The Civil War  California Road & Recreation Atlas  Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer

Connecticut/Rhode Island Atlas and Gazetteer  DK Atlas of World History  DK Concise Atlas of the World  Florida Atlas and Gazetteer  Georgia Atlas and Gazetteer

The Great World Atlas  Hagstrom New York City 5 Borough Atlas  Hammond Historical World Atlas  Hammond International Germany Atlas  HarperCollins New World Atlas

Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series  Historical Atlas of Central America  Historical Atlas of Empires  The Historical Atlas of New York City: A Visual Celebration of Nearly 400 Years of New York City's History  Historical Atlas of the Arctic  Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest: Maps of Exploration and Discovery: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Yukon  Historical Atlas of Washington  Idaho Atlas and Gazetteer

Illinois Atlas and Gazetteer  Illustrated Atlas of the World  Indiana Atlas and Gazetteer  Kansas Atlas and Gazetteer  Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer  Large Scale Motor Carriers' Road Atlas: United States Big Maps for the Long Haul: 2004  Louisiana Atlas and Gazetteer

Maine Atlas and Gazetteer  Maryland/Delaware Atlas and Gazetteer  Massachusetts Atlas and Gazetteer  Michigan Atlas and Gazetteer  Minnesota Atlas and Gazetteer

Missouri Atlas and Gazetteer  Montana Atlas and Gazetteer  National Geographic Atlas of the World  National Geographic Atlas of World History  National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World  Nebraska Atlas and Gazetteer

Nevada Atlas and Gazetteer  New Concise World Atlas  New Hampshire Atlas and Gazetteer  New Jersey Atlas and Gazetteer  New Mexico Atlas and Gazetteer  New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History

The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History  New York State Atlas and Gazetteer  North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer  North Dakota Atlas and Gazetteer  Northern California Atlas and Gazetteer

Ohio Atlas and Gazetteer  Oklahoma Atlas and Gazetteer  Oregon Atlas and Gazetteer  Oxford Atlas of Exploration  Oxford Atlas of the World

Oxford Bible Atlas  Oxford Encyclopedic World Atlas: A-Z Country-By-Country Coverage  The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe  The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Balkans  Paris (Citymap Guide)

Pennsylvania Atlas and Gazetteer  Rand McNally Chicago 7-county Street Guide: 2005  Rand McNally Historical Atlas of the World  The Roads of South Carolina  The Routledge Atlas of Jewish History  Salton Sea Atlas

South Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer  South Dakota Atlas and Gazetteer  Southern and Central California Atlas and Gazetteer  Tennessee Atlas and Gazetteer  Texas Atlas and Gazetteer

Thomas Guide Los Angeles and Orange Counties: Street: 2005  Times Atlas of the World: Comprehensive Edition  The Times of London Concise Atlas of the World  The Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia

United States City-To-City Atlas: For the Traveling Professional  Utah Atlas and Gazetteer  Vermont Atlas and Gazetteer  Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer

Washington Atlas and Gazetteer  West Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer  Western Canada.  British Columbia-Alberta  Wisconsin Atlas and Gazetteer

Wisconsin's Past and Present: A Historical Atlas  World Atlas  World Atlas of the Oceans: More Than 200 Maps and Charts of the Ocean Floor  Wyoming Atlas and Gazetteer

Maps & Cartography -- Children / K-12 Level

Atlas of Ancient Worlds: A Pictorial Atlas of Past Civilization  DK Student Atlas  Fun-To-Solve Map Mysteries  Instant Map Skills: United States  The Kingfisher Children's Atlas  The Kingfisher Student Atlas  Latitude and Longitude (Rookie Read-About Geography)

Map Keys (Rookie Read-About Geography)  Map Mania  Map Scales (Rookie Read-About Geography)  Mapmaking With Children: Sense of Place Education for the Elementary Years  Mapping Our World

Mapping the World  Mapping the World (Watts Library Geography)  Mapping Wisconsin History: Teacher's Guide and Student Materials  Maps (Phonic Readers)  Maps and Mapping (Kingfisher Young Knowledge)  Maps and Mapping: Geography Facts and Experiments (Young Discoverers)

Maps and Plans (Geography for Fun)  Maps in History  Mega-Fun Map Skills  National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers  Northern and Western Asia (World in Maps)

The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas of The World  The Road to There: Mapmakers and Their Stories  Scholastic Atlas of The United States  Scholastic Atlas of The World  Small Worlds: Maps and Mapmaking  State-by-State Atlas  Types of Maps (Rookie Read-About Geography)


Antique Maps Calendar: 2005


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