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Cartographic Design Using Arcview GIS     Books about Maps and Cartography

Here is an alphabetical list of books about Maps, Mapmaking, Mapping, Cartography, and Map Collecting, including Map Atlases, and some books about GIS, compiled by a librarian, that are currently available (in print). Click on the image or title for additional information and availability (purchases are provided by The list is frequently updated; so check back often.


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Books about Maps & Cartography

Aerial Mapping: Methods and Applications  Antique Maps  Apollo's Eye: A Cartographic Genealogy of the Earth in the Western  Imagination  An Atlas of Rare City Maps: Comparative Urban Design, 1830-1842  Basic Cartography for Students and Technicians (Vol. 3)

Basic Essentials. Map and Compass  Be Expert with Map and Compass  Bushmanders and Bullwinkles: How Politicians Manipulate Electronic Maps and Census Data to Win Elections  Cartographic Design Using Arcview GIS  Cartographica Extraordinaire: The Historical Map Transformed

Cartographies of Danger: Mapping Hazards in America  The Cartography of North America: 1500-1800  Changing Faces, Changing Places: Mapping Southern Californians  Charting Louisiana: Five Hundred Years of Maps  Charting the Inland Seas: A History of the U.S. Lake Survey

Chinese Maps: Images of 'All Under Heaven'  Civil Drafting Technology  Collecting Old Maps  Datums and Map Projections  Degrees of Latitude: Mapping Colonial America

Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users  Early Mapping of the Pacific: Including Australia and New Zealand  Elements of Cartography  Else Where: Mapping  The Enclosure Maps of England and Wales 1595-1918: A Cartographic Analysis and Electronic Catalogue

English Maps: A History  Envisioning the City: Six Studies in Urban Cartography  Erikson, Eskimos and Columbus: Medieval European Knowledge of America  Flattening the Earth: Two Thousand Years of Map Projections  Framework for the World

The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican  Geographic Information  Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography  Geography, Cartography and Nautical Science in the Renaissance  Geologic Maps: A Practical Guide to the Preparation and
Interpretation of Geologic Maps  Great Maps Of The Civil War: Pivotal Battles and Campaigns...

Heading West/Touring West: Mapmakers, Performing Artists, and the American Frontier  Historic Maritime Maps: Used for HIstoric Exploration 1290-1699  Historical Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean: Maps of Discovery and Scientific Exploration, 1500 - 2000  Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest: Maps of Exploration and Discovery: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Yukon

Historical Maps of the Napoleonic Wars  Historical Maps of World War I  The History of Cartography: Cartography in Prehistoric, Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean  The History of Cartography: Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies

Holy Land in Maps  How Maps Work: Representation, Visualization, and Design  How to Lie With Maps  Imaginary Cartographies: Possession and Identity in Late Medieval Marseille  Indiana in Maps: Geographic Perspectives of the Hoosier State  Infinite Perspectives: Two Thousand Years of Three-Dimensional Mapmaking

Inside AutoCAD Map 2000  Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry  The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime  Land Navigation Handbook:  The Sierra Club Guide to Map and Compass  Manhattan in Maps: 1527-1995

Map Projection Transformation: Principles and Applications  The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology  Map Use and Analysis  The Mapmakers  The Mapmaker's Quest: Depicting New Worlds in Renaissance Europe  Mapping a City: Hamburg - Kartierung

Mapping Boston  Mapping in the Age of Digital Media: The Yale Symposium   Mapping It Out: Expository Cartography for the Humanities and Social Sciences  The Mapping of America  The Mapping of New Spain: Indigenous Cartography and the Maps of the Relaciones Geograficas

The Mapping of the Entradas into the Greater Southwest  Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators  Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast: The Contributions of St. Denis, Olivan, and Le Maire  Mapping the Renaissance World: The Geographical Imagination in the Age of Discovery  Mapping the Tibetan World

Mapping the West  Mapping the World: Maps and Their History  MapPoint 2002 for Dummies  Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past  Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War

Maps and Memory in Early Modern England: A Sense of Place  Maps and Politics  Maps and the Internet  Maps and the Writing of Space in Early Modern England and Ireland  Maps as Prints in the Italian Renaissance: Makers, Distributors and Consumers  Maps in Tudor England  Maps, Myths, and Men: The Story of the Vinland Map

Maps With the News: The Development of American Journalistic Cartography  Mastering AutoCAD 2000 Premium Edition  Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet  The Mismapping of America  Multimedia Cartography

The Piri Reis Map of 1513  Policy Issues in Modern Cartography  Power of Maps  Ptolemy's Geography  Representing the Republic  Rhumb Lines and Map Wars: A Social History of the Mercator Projection

Sphaerae Mundi: Early Globes at the Stewart Museum, Montreal  The Story of Maps  Things Maps Don't Tell Us:  An Adventure into Map Interpretation  Timeless Venice: Discovering Today's City in a Map 500 Years Old  Topographical Writers in South-West England

Trading Territories: Mapping the Early Modern World  Upheaval from the Abyss: Ocean Floor Mapping and the Earth Science Revolution  Using Autocad Map 2000  Washington in Maps (DC)  Washington Through Two Centuries: A History in Maps and Images

Web Cartography  Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter, and GPS  The World Through Maps: A History of Cartography  World Views: Maps and Art  You Are Here

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