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Gulf War: Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990-1991

Books about the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars

Here is an alphabetical list of books about the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars, including Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom, compiled by a librarian, that are currently available (in print). Click on the image or title for additional information and availability (purchases are provided by The list is frequently updated; so check back often.

NOTE: There is a separate section for Children / K-12 Level Books.


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Persian Gulf & Iraq Wars

After Desert Storm: The U.S. Army and the Reconstruction of Kuwait  Air War Iraq  Allies: The U.S., Britain, and Europe, and the War in Iraq  Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Gulf War  America at War: The Battle for Iraq: A View from the Frontlines  Baghdad Blues: A War Diary

Baghdad Diaries: A Woman's Chronicle of War, Exile, and Identity  Baghdad Express: A Gulf War Memoir  Baghdad or Bust: The Inside Story of Operation Iraqi Freedom  Because Each Life Is Precious: Why an Iraqi Man Came to Risk Everything for Pvt. Jessica Lynch  Behind the Invasion of Iraq  Beyond Baghdad: Postmodern War and Peace

Blitzkrieg to Desert Storm: The Evolution of Operational Warfare  Bombs Over Baghdad: Desert Storm for the Liberation of Kuwait  Boots on the Ground: A Month with the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq  Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq  The Complete Idiot's Guide To the Gulf War

Conflict: Desert Storm: Official Strategy Guide  Conflict Iraq  Crusade: The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War  Dark Victory: America's Second War Against Iraq  Dawn over Baghdad: How the U.S. Military Is Using Bullets and Ballots to Remake Iraq

Desert Diaries: Photojournalists on the War in Iraq  Desert Dogs: The Marines of Operation Iraqi Freedom  Desert Shield at Sea: What the Navy Really Did  Desert Shield to Desert Storm: The Second Gulf War  Desert Storms: The Secret World of Stealth and Intrigue

Dial 911 Marines: Adventures of a Tank Company in Desert Shield and Desert Storm  Disarming Iraq  Embedded: How the Media Failed to Cover the War in Iraq  Embedded: The Media At War in Iraq  Ethics and the Gulf War: Religion, Rhetoric, and Righteousness  Explaining Foreign Policy: How and Why the United States Went to War in the Persian Gulf  F-15C/E Eagle Units in Operation Iraqi Freedom  The Fall Of Baghdad

Faraway Thunder: A Journey through Army Life & the Gulf War  A Fist in the Hornet's Nest: On the Ground in Baghdad Before, During, and After the War  The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq  For the Love of My Country: Desert Storm  The Future of Air Power in the Aftermath of the Gulf War  The Generals' War: The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf  Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War

The Greatest Threat: Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Crisis of Global Security  The Gulf Between Us: A Story of Love and Survival in Desert Storm  The Gulf War Chronicles: A Military History of the First War with Iraq  Gulf War: Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990-1991  Gulf War 1991  The Gulf War of 1991 Reconsidered

Gulf War Syndrome - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography,...  Heart of the Storm: The Genesis of the Air Campaign Against Iraq  Hoodwinked: The Documents that Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War  Hornets over Kuwait  Hunting Down Saddam: The Inside Story of the Search and Capture  I am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story

Ignorant Armies: Sliding into War in Iraq  Into the Storm: A U.S. Marine in the Persian Gulf War  Iraq and the Fall of Saddam Hussein  Iraq and the International Oil System: Why America Went to War in the Gulf  Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm  Iraq Under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War

The Iraq War  The Iraq War: A Military History  The Iraq War and Its Consequences: Thoughts of Nobel Peace Laureates and Eminent Scholars  The Iraq War: As Witnessed by the Correspondents and Photographers of United Press International  The Iraq WAR: Hidden Agendas and Babylonian Intrigue: The Regional Impact on Shi'ites, Kurds, Sunnis and Arabs  The Iraq War Reader

The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons  The Iraqi Predicament: People in the Quagmire of Power Politics  Iraqi War Debrief: Why Saddam Hussein Was Toppled  Iraq's Most Wanted Playing Cards (Authorized Edition)  Iraq's Smoking Gun  Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles  A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq  The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division

Naked in Baghdad: The Iraq War as Seen by NPR's Correspondent  No One Left Behind  Oil, Power, & Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda  131 Days: Accounts From a Frontline Aid Station During Operation Desert Storm  Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm  Operation Iraqi Freedom  Operation Iraqi Freedom: A Strategic Assessment  Operation Iraqi Freedom: What Went Right, What Went Wrong, and Why

Order of Battle: Allied Ground Forces of Operation Desert Storm  Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein [paperback]  Portraits of War  Road to Baghdad: Behind Enemy Lines: The Adventure of an American Soldier in the Gulf War  Saddam Hussein: A Political Biography

Saddam Hussein: The Politics of Revenge  Saddam: King of Terror  Saddam's Iraq: Face-Off in the Gulf  Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi  Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the 1991 Gulf War  The Secret History of the Iraq War  Secrets and Lies: Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Collapse of American Power in the Middle East  So Many, So Much, So Far, So Fast: United States Transportation Command and Strategic Deployment for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Spare Parts: A Marine Reservist's Journey from Campus to Combat in 38 Days  Special Operations in Iraq  Speeches of Deception: Selected Speeches of Saddam Hussein, a Story of Propaganda...  Storm on the Horizon: Khafji--The Battle that Changed the Course of the Gulf War  Strategic Preemption: US Foreign Policy And The Second Iraq War  A Table In The Presence:...  Tell Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq  The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq  Three Block War: U.S. Marines in Iraq

Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad  A Time of Our Choosing: The Story of the War in Iraq  21st Century Complete Guide to Gulf War Illness...  21st Century Complete Guide to the Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm,...  21st Century Guide to American Wars with Iraq: Desert Storm 1991 and Iraqi Freedom 2003: History of Both Wars,...

21st Century Guide to Operation Iraqi Freedom The Second Gulf War 2003 America's Triumph in the War on Terrorism...  21st Century Guides to the Gulf War and the New War Against Iraq - Two Unique and Comprehensive Discs, Gulf War...  21st Century History of the First Gulf War: Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm...  Twenty-one Days to Baghdad: A Chronicle of the Iraq War

21 Days to Baghdad: Photos and Dispatches from the Battlefield  Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation  Under Fire: Untold Stories from the Front Line of the Iraq War  The United Nations and Iraq: Defanging the Viper  US Navy Hornet Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom  The U.S. War Against Iraq: Myths, Facts, and Lies  Victory from Above: Air Power Theory and the Conduct of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Vipers in the Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot  The War in Iraq: A Photo History  The War in Iraq (LIFE)  War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know  The War over Iraq: Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission  War Plan Iraq: Ten Reasons Against War with Iraq

War Stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom  The War We Could Not Stop: The Real Story of the Battle for Iraq  War with Iraq: Critical Lessons  Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq  Why Are We at War?  Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism, and the American Empire  Witness Iraq: A War Journal, February - April 2003

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