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    Cheese: Selecting, Tasting, and Serving the World's Finest

      Books about Cheese

Here is an alphabetical list of books about Cheese, Cooking with Cheese and Recipes, and related topics, compiled by a librarian, that are currently available (in print). Click on the image or title for additional information and availability (purchases are provided by The list is frequently updated; so check back often.


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And That's How You Make Cheese!  Camembert: A National Myth  Cheese: A Complete Guide to Over 300 Cheeses of Distinction  Cheese: A Comprehensive Guide to Cheeses of the World  The Cheese Book  Cheese: Chemistry, Physics & Microbiology, Two-Volume Set

Cheese: Chemistry, Physics, and Microbiology. Volume 2 Major Cheese Groups  The Cheese Companion  The Cheese Course  Cheese: Discovering, Exploring, Enjoying  The Cheese Handbook  The Cheese Lover's Cookbook and Guide: Over 150 Recipes with Instructions on How to Buy, Store, and Serve All Your Favorite Cheeses

The Cheese Plate  Cheese Please: The Ultimate Cheese Lover's Recipe Conllection  Cheese Primer  Cheese Rheology and Texture  Cheese: Selecting, Tasting, and Serving the World's Finest

Cheeses of the World  The Cheeses of Vermont: A Gourmet Guide to Vermont's Artisanal Cheesemakers  The Cheese-Lover's Kitchen Handbook: A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Cheeses of the World and How to Use Then  French Cheeses: The Visual Guide to More Than 350 Cheeses from Every Region of France  Fundamentals of Cheese Science

Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Homemade Cheeses  Italian Cheese: Two Hundred Traditional Types: A Guide to Their Discovery and Appreciation  Making Great Cheese At Home: 30 Simple Recipes From Cheddar to Chevre  Mozzarella: Inventive Recipes from Leading Chefs With Buffalo Mozzarella

The New American Cheese  A Passion for Cheese: More than 130 Innovative Ways to Cook with Cheese  The World Encyclopedia of Cheese: A Guide to the World's Cheese With a Feast of International Dishes

Cheese -- Children / K-12 Level

From Milk to Cheese  I Like Cheese (Good Food) 

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